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Your customers and employees want change. We help you design resilient products, services and workplaces by bringing inclusive and climate friendly perspectives to the table.

In the spirit of co-creation, we believe in a collaborative partnership. We work with you as a guide and a partner, to build internal capacity wherever possible – making space for our collective expertise and knowledge to be shared with one another along the way.

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You know that diversity, equity and inclusion are important, but don't know where to start.

We'll support you through:

  • Horizon Scan: to provide foresight into emerging opportunities and indicators pertaining to EDI within your industry
  • Your Unique EDI "Why": to link EDI to your business strategy, purpose and vision, and create alignment
  • Organizational Commitments: to outline a clear path forward
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You're looking to expand your knowledge, and identify gaps and opportunities within your processes, products and services.

We offer:

  • Workshops: Interactive, Experiential and Customized Learning
  • Audits: Reviewing your product management, design and innovation practices, or your customer and employee experience
  • Retrospective Consulting: Research and/or recommendations to improve a product or service that is already in market, through an EDI and sustainability lens
  • Design Tools: Our tools and worksheets help teams design "better"
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You want to put your knowledge into practice and embed equity, inclusion and planet-responsibility into your operations.

We partner with you through:

  • Office Hours: In the moment coaching to help teams develop an engrained practice and behavior of designing through an equity, inclusion and sustainability lens
  • 1:1 Coaching: An individual healing journey for f looking want to make meaningful and lasting change through their individual
    behavior, outlook, and understanding.
  • Redesign and Co-design: Improving processes, products and services with an EDI and sustainability lens
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You want to leverage the power of imagination and co-creation to innovate and problem solve for systemic impact.

We lead you through a journey of:

  • Problem Re-discovery: Helping you reframe problems so that they result in high impact, high opportunity solutions.
  • Inclusive Design Jams: A facilitated experience to help you boldly reimagine your customer and workplace experiences
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The Pause and Effect team designed and executed a thoughtful audit of our product development process. They were able to summarize many trends into a cohesive report, helping us concretely identify and name gaps we previously felt but couldn't quite put our finger on. Their audit helped us begin important conversations on how we can create a more inclusive customer experience at Outschool. We were so happy with the audit that we are continuing to work with Pause and Effect to address some of the product, research and marketing gaps they identified.

Jing Jin

Design Lead

We are a team of anti-oppression consultants, designers, and eco futurists. We believe that organizations have the power to create access, change systems and radically reimagine possibilities through thoughtful and responsible design. If the system has been designed to oppress, it can be redesigned to liberate.