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Your customers and employees want change. We help you design resilient products, services and workplaces by bringing inclusive and climate friendly perspectives to the table.

In the spirit of co-creation, we believe in a collaborative partnership. We work with you as a guide and a partner, to build internal capacity wherever possible – making space for our collective expertise and knowledge to be shared with one another along the way.

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Learning Experiences

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Our transformative design education experiences provide capacity building and applied skills training to equity-aspiring organizations.

Our learning experiences enable teams to consciously design products, services and technology through the lens of inclusion, justice and planet responsibility.

In our learning environments,  you’ll experience a blend of storytelling, dialogue and hands on activities to help cement and integrate knowledge as practice. Sessions can be facilitated virtually, in person, or in nature, and are customizable to suit your industry and unique design challenges.

Our unique learning experiences, exclusive to Pause and Effect, include:

Consulting Services

Our Consulting Services help organizations operationalize equity and environmental responsibility so that it becomes an embedded, integrated and imaginative practice. We offer fully customizable options, tailored to your individual need.

Sabrina is typing on a laptop while sitting on a rock. Her back faces the camera. Clementina is writing in a notebook.

Product or Service Assessment and Redesign

Our insight can help you identify product design opportunities and potential unmet user needs. We leverage co-design to facilitate testing, ideation and concept development.

Sabrina and Clementina stick post it notes on a large rock. They are pink and yellow. Sabrina wears a hot pink blazer and Clementina has a great blazer and sunglasses.

Community Engagement

Centering reciprocity, we conduct responsible and care-based inquiry to learn about your “whole” user and their unique needs and desires. Our expertise lies in working with Racialized, Spanish speaking, Queer and Neuro-divergent community groups.

Sabrina is pointing and looking upwards, wearing yellow pants and a brown tank top. Clementina is looking in the direction Sabrina points in. She has glasses, short hair and a white top.

Futures Thinking for ERG’s

Your ERG members are burning out with the exhaustion of trouble shooting and problem solving. Centering joy, we create an imaginative space for your ERG members to dream, create, and envision futures that emancipate.  

Embodiment Coaching

"How we are at the small scale is how we are at the large scale"

– adrienne maree brown

Sabrina and Clementina high five against a backdrop of trees. Sabrina has brown skin, yellow pants and curly hair. Clementina has light skin, a white top and grey pants.

To build the worlds we dream of, we must transform ourselves to align with our vision and our values.

Through our framework of radical vulnerability and compassionate curiosity, we create space for deep self inquiry where you’ll begin to identify and unpack how dominant worldviews shape and impact your life experience (at work, and in society).

The following is our process for coaching:

Collaborative Sessions

Sabrina and Clementina are reading books against a tree in the forest. Sabrina is wearing blue shorts and had dark skin and curly black hair. Clementina is wearing a grey blazer.

Office Hours

Office Hours are on a recurring basis for anyone from your organization to ask questions and receive on-the-spot coaching. We support learning through practice – for folks to work through a design challenge or piece in real-time. Our clients have used this for probing product reviews, feedback on research interview guides, storyboard reviews, developing accessible co-design environments, and building practical design tools for teams.

Sabrina and Clementina are standing against a forest backdrop. Clementina is bent over looking at something on the ground.

DIY Workbook

This comprehensive Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Workbook offers thought-provoking questions to help you realize your product’s impact opportunity and feel more confident in making responsible design decisions.Once you’ve completed the Workbook, we’ll jam over a two-hour collaborative session to offer clarity, discuss questions and next steps.

We are a team of anti-oppression consultants, designers, and eco futurists. We believe that organizations have the power to create access, change systems and radically reimagine possibilities through thoughtful and responsible design. If the system has been designed to oppress, it can be redesigned to liberate.