Pause and Effect is an inclusive design and innovation company. Our work and perspectives have been featured in Forbes, The Harvard Business Review, and the Vancouver Tech Journal.

We partner with forward-thinking teams that are ready to reimagine their products, services and technology through the lens of inclusion, justice and planet responsibility.

If you're looking to deliver extraordinary customer experiences that respect and resonate with people from all walks of life, you've come to the right place!

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Are your products, services or technology leaving people and planet behind?

In the midst of a pandemic, automatic soap dispensers and hand sanitizer machines aren't detecting hands with darker complexion. Non-biodegradable, non-recyclable masks fill landfills, roads, and green spaces. Covid testing devices and instructions are inaccessible to folks with low vision or motor disabilities, and difficult to decipher for those with low English literacy.

We're surrounded by products and services in our digital and physical environments. And we're adding to this mix every day.

Traditional design practices rarely prioritize environmental impact and people from marginalized communities.

At Pause and Effect, we help you create resilient products, services and technology that generate a strong sense of belonging.

When we design with inclusion and planet in mind, we attract a wider market, create opportunities for people to feel seen, and build for future generations.

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Some of the companies we've partnered with:

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We are a team of anti-oppression consultants, designers, and eco futurists. We believe that organizations have the power to create access, change systems and radically reimagine possibilities through thoughtful and responsible design. If the system has been designed to oppress, it can be redesigned to liberate.

Work With Us
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How we help

Your customers and employees want change. We help you design resilient products, services and workplaces by bringing inclusive and climate friendly perspectives to the table. In the spirit of co-creation, we believe in a collaborative partnership. We work with you as a guide and a partner, to build internal capacity wherever possible – making space for our collective expertise and knowledge to be shared with one another along the way.

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You know diversity, equity, inclusion and sustainability are important... but don't know where to start.

Identifying your unique "why” and impact opportunity are a key starting place.

This creates alignment and intentionality for the business as a whole – linking EDI and sustainability to business strategy, purpose and vision.

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You're looking to expand your knowledge, and identify gaps and opportunities within your processes, products and services.

Our experiential workshops (EDI Fundamentals, Inclusive Language, Inclusive and Responsible Design and Unpacking Culture) lay the foundation.

Our audits uncover the gaps (are my processes, products, and services truly designed for everyone?), and identify opportunities for improvement.

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You want to leverage the power of imagination and co-creation to innovate and problem solve.

This service offering is our pure joy. We experiment, play, and leverage the power of imagination and storytelling to dream of new product, service and workplace possibilities.

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You want to put your knowledge into practice and embed equity, inclusion and sustainability into your operations.

Through coaching and in the moment support, we help teams and individuals begin to shift behaviors and practices.

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Pause and Effect is our first choice as a product design consultancy. Their approach aligns deeply with our values in bringing greater inclusion to STEAM. Their team partnered with us to develop our member journey maps through an inclusive lens, and built inclusive design workshops for the youth. Both have truly set us on the right path towards making the impact we desire.

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