If you're looking to deliver extraordinary user experiences that respect, resonate with, and attract a diverse customer base, you've come to the right place!

Pause and Effect is an inclusive design and imagination company. We partner with forward-thinking teams that are ready to reimagine their products, services and technology through the lens of inclusion, justice and planet responsibility.

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We are a team of anti-oppression consultants, designers, and eco futurists. We believe that organizations have the power to create access, change systems and radically reimagine possibilities through thoughtful and responsible design. If the system has been designed to oppress, it can be redesigned to liberate.

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Projects and case studies

Outschool - Product Design Process Audit

Outschool reached out to Pause and Effect to support with answering the following question: How might Outschool's product design process be enhanced through an equity and inclusion lens?

Outschool Process

Daiya Foods - Horizon Scan and Impact Opportunity Mapping

Daiya is an industry leader in plant-based foods. They partnered with Pause and Effect to explore the question: How does the plant-based food industry need to shift in order to account for social, economic, and climate changes now and in the future?

Daiya Mapping

Social Media Influencer and Penguin Random House Publishing

With an awareness of culinary cultural appropriation, our client wanted to ensure that their recipes and cookbook were not causing harm or offense to racialized people and those who belong to non-western cultures.

Influencer Project

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How we help

We help impact-driven organizations design their products, services, programs and workplaces with the wellbeing of people, planet and future generations in mind.

Learning Experiences

Product Design Audit

Embodiment Coaching

Collaborative Sessions

Join our Unpacking Culture Cohort

Rooted in self-compassion, this experience guides learners to shift beliefs and behaviours to align with one’s core values. Unpacking Culture is a cohort of inquisitive learners eager to empower themselves to connect the dots between our individual journeys and our cultural frameworks. By understanding dominant cultural frameworks, worldviews, and societal structures we deconstruct the “why” and “how” of our current global systems and provide the tools to shift into the “what’s next”.

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Pause and Effect has been instrumental in helping us design an equity and inclusion strategy that considers the employee experience and the business needs. We partnered with their team of consultants to provide learning opportunities, resources and tools for our staff to use which has allowed us to co-create an approach that we continue to see results from today

Laurie Murdoch

VP People and Organization

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“To me, average, or normal is just code for privilege.”

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