Daiya Foods - Horizon Scan and Impact Opportunity Mapping

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Daiya is an industry leader in plant-based foods. They partnered with Pause and Effect to explore the question:

How does the plant-based food industry need to shift in order to account for social, economic, and climate changes now and in the future?

In exploring the answer to this question, we conducted a horizon scan which centered the experiences of marginalized communities, regeneration, and future generations.

What we did:

We conducted research through formal and informal sources to identify signals of risks and emerging opportunities in the plant-based food industry particularly as it pertains to diversity, equity, inclusion and sustainability.

Our Horizon Scan was completed through a holistic research framework that specifically focused on trends relevant to Daiya that are emerging in BIPOC communities, the food industry, and the workforce at large. Included in our scan were examples of companies within the food production space that are championing sustainable and regenerative practices, to provide Daiya with opportunities to learn from and collaborate with industry partners.

Through these insights and signals we  presented  future scenarios, which enabled leadership to envision possible futures and anticipate how Daiya might respond in each circumstance.


The Horizon Scan demonstrated Equity, Inclusion, Diversity and Sustainability as drivers of business impact and as a future-proofing strategy. This lens enabled leadership to engage in strategic conversations around Daiya’s impact opportunity, and has supported them to create a thriving business model.

Daiya leaders have been able to reference Horizon Scan examples, case studies and scenarios in strategic conversations about product pricing, marketing, and R&D. The Horizon Scan also provided necessary framing and context in the process of defining Daiya’s impact opportunity.

Pause and Effect has continued to work with Daiya to develop DEI and sustainability OKRs pertaining to Employee experience, Environment and community, and Consumer and product.

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